Community Outreach

Do You Know About Our Outreach Program?

Cotuit Center for the Arts activity off campus is very impressive.  In 2013 over 1600 people felt the impact of the programs at Cotuit Center for the Arts through our outreach programs and collaborations.

Each month we work with the Cape Cod Conservatory, Cultural Center of Cape Cod and Wellfleet Preservation Hall in a collaboration we call “Sunday Student Showcase,” a free recital series rotating amongst the four hosts and featuring students of the conservatory as well as private students from the surrounding areas.

We partner with Cape Cod Can, an organization for people with disabilities to celebrate their talents.

Our educational outreach programs extend to schools in Sandwich, Mashpee and Barnstable, and include low income housing developments, alternative schools for kids who can’t make it in a mainstream classroom, and programs for at risk youth.

For the Town of Barnstable we produce the Friday and Sunday concert series in Hyannis at Aselton Park where concerts, kids’ art projects and performances take place all summer long and are free to the public.

We have worked with Cape Cod Child Development, the Housing Assistance Corporation, Sturgis Charter School and the Waldorf School. And we are an official partner with the Town of Sandwich in the Glasstown Cultural District, bringing live theater performances to Sandwich Town Hall several times a year.


Community Partnerships

Cape Cod CAN
Cotuit Center for the Arts partners with Cape Cod CAN, an organization for people with disabilities, to present Broadway and Beyond, a theatrical production starring and celebrating the capabilities and talents of the people of Cape Cod, including those with disabilities.

Cape Cod Child Development
Literacy through art continues to be an important theme in our collaboration with Cape Cod Child Development.  Children from each of the Falmouth, Hyannis and Yarmouth Centers have participated in the literacy and art program at Cotuit Center for the Arts. The goal is to maintain or increase literacy during the summer months when typically many at-risk youth lose skills.   These children visited the Center once weekly during July and August for an hour of integrated art and literacy.  Children completed Art Journals documenting their ideas and summer experiences.  Additionally, we were able to provide training sessions for the Cape Cod Child Development staff to support literacy throughout the year.

Good Cause Journals
Groups of children experienced the value of philanthropy by learning the reasons why people donate their time and money to others in a unique program, Good Cause Journals.  They reclaimed paper and other materials, then constructed, advertised and sold one of a kind, spiral-bound blank journals. The money that they earned was donated to an organization chosen by the students.

Housing Assistance Corporation
Groups of children who are homeless and their mothers come to the center to engage in meaningful art projects. The most recent was a large mural of life-sized cutouts of the children that was displayed in the Center’s art gallery to educate the public about the homeless population on Cape Cod. This partnership could be expanded with additional funding.

HyArts Festival
Cotuit Center for the Arts helps to plan and offers a free, family friendly art activity to hundreds of children at this community festival.

Incarcerated Youth
Artists from Cotuit Center for the Arts work with incarcerated teen boys in the Brewster residential treatment program through the Department of Youth and Family Services on projects such as furniture making, murals, photography, cartooning, ukulele and world drumming.

Know Myself, Understand Others
Staff from Cotuit Center for the Arts goes into local schools to present Know Myself, Understand Others, a program that teaches self-empowerment using art journaling techniques. Know Myself, Understand Others fulfills the Commonwealth of Massachusetts mandate for anti-bullying curriculum in every classroom.

Mashpee Village
Cotuit Center for the Arts partners with Mashpee Village, a low income housing community serving a majority of Native Americans, to bring the benefits of the arts to all members of the community. This partnership manifests itself in a variety of ways including scholarships to attend classes at the Center, special theatrical production classes only for Mashpee Village residents, and a mosaic installation at Mashpee Village.

Southeast Alternative School
The Southeast Alternative School is a school for teenagers with behavioral or emotional disorders who cannot make it in a mainstream classroom. These students come to the Center each week to participate in programming, including Know Myself, Understand Others, a program that teaches self-empowerment using art journaling techniques.

Summer Outreach Program
Cotuit Center for the Arts is currently seeking funding to bring groups of traditionally underserved children to the Center in the summer to see a family friendly play, have a tour of the gallery and complete an art project.

Sunday Student Showcase
A collaboration between Cotuit Center for the Arts, Wellfleet Preservation Hall, the Cultural Center of Cape Cod and the Cape Cod Conservatory that presents free monthly performance events featuring students from across the Cape.

TBI Support Group
Each month the gallery at Cotuit Center for the Arts hosts the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts for their support group. The group is enhanced by the beautiful artwork surrounding their therapeutic session.

Town of Sandwich, Glasstown Cultural District
The Town of Sandwich was among the first towns in the State to earn a Cultural Designation from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. The Town partners with Cotuit Center for the Arts to fulfill the live theatre requirement of this designation. Twice each year, the Center takes one of their productions on the road to be performed at Sandwich Town Hall.


Donate Now

The Community Outreach Fund began in 2012 as an initiative to provide music, travelling theater, student recitals, visual arts and family-oriented art projects in several towns to 1,600 people including the underserved, low-income and at risk youth. The Fund ensures that these programs continue to be offered at minimal or no cost to audiences.

With additional funding for the Community Outreach Program, Cotuit Center for the Arts could expand many of these projects and remove the transportation barrier with increased funding to get children safely to the center, or even acquire an outreach van.

Please give us your support.  You can make a donation here.